Solving international problems


(Oriented to offer international solutions and not what I am)


As a sales’ responsible or a company owner: Do you need to find customers abroad?

If so, one of the more important points to know is in which countries are your customers.

I help companies to increase their turnover informing them which countries may have greater market share and helping them, in the practice, to carry out the export of their products.

I basically work with companies that still do not export their products or are exporting in small quantities.

I have already helped many companies to find their international markets incrementing their sales and, therefore, their benefits.

This is accomplished by performing the following steps:

– Study and possible modification of the product or its packaging in order to adapt it to the international markets.

– Study your product internationally. Which countries are most needed of your product?

– Study of your ideal customer in each country: is he an importer, wholesaler, commercial agent, retail?

– Study to be sure to be paid in each order.

The Companies that are involved with my strategy can increase their sales over 100% before the end of the first year of implementation.

Are you interested in increasing your turnover?

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