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I work with companies that want to initiate their exports or they want to increase their presence in the international markets.

According to how they are positioned, they have at their disposal several services, always personalized to their exact needs:

  1. Pre-export Level. I help companies that want to start their exports to clarify their doubts and confirm the viability of their presence in international markets. I help these companies to discover possible deficiencies, both from the company and from the products, and to solve them conveniently. 
  2. Start Level. I help companies to know which are the best markets to concentrate their efforts and achieve their exports. I also help companies in all aspects of the export of their products: adaptability of the product to the destination market, payment methods, export contracts, Incoterms, international logistics, necessary documents, etc…
  3. Advanced Level. I help companies that have difficulties or specific problems in the export of their products.


According to above I offer several services as follows:


A) Export Advice

Provides, to those companies that want to export their products or services to foreign markets and due to their actual ability they do not have their own Export Department, a qualified adapted advice to the company to assist and guide them in the first steps of the international process.


Through a series of video-meetings and worksheets, an investigation is made of where the company is at this moment and what it has to be changed (or improved) in order to start the search of international markets for its products.


This is a complete report where I inform and advise the countries (usually between 8-10 countries) where are concentrated the best conditions for sale of their products.

This report is composed of the following 3 Reports:

1) Export Statistical Report

Table where is showed each country that have imported the same product that your company (or as similar as possible) and their amounts in thousands of dollars per year during the last 10-12 years.

The results are showed in numbers and can be also presented graphically.


2) Best Markets Report

Obtaining a list, based on the Export Statistical Report, of approximately the 20 countries where there may be a potential import market for your products.


3) Country Report

From the study of the social, economic and political situation of the Best Markets Report, obtain the countries with the best market possibilities for the importation of your products.



I look for and provide you with the lists of Importers / Distributors / Commercial Agents in the countries that you think are convenient for the promotion of your products.

In this list, the information will be as complete as possible. Please, take notice that the amount of importers and the provided information may vary according to the country.

Of course, it will always be the most update possible.


C) Consulting

Consulting can be defined as a specific and sporadic work that a client can ask. This specific work lies in doing a service in a limited period of time or the completion of a specific job.


D) Translations

Translations English/Spanish/French of:

– Business letters, catalogues, brochures and leaflets.

– Commercial presentations.

– Instructions manuals.

– Revision of international contracts.

– Etc…


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