Case Studies


(…Some samples of problems and the results obtained)

Case 1


“I need to know which are the countries that produce and process in big quantities the product «A»” (a manufacturer of machinery for processing products such as: sugar, calcium carbonate or paprika, among others).


I did and presented a study of the largest producers of this product (annual production volumes, exports and destinations.) Who they were and where the processors of the product were (which turned out that, in majority, they were in different countries that the producers were based its main offices).


The study was done on a total of 6 products and my client got an increase of 150% in turnover the following year


Case 2


“We are manufacturers of these products (food and non-food in the confectionery sector). We have a potential client in the United Arab Emirates and we need to know what the necessary documentation is so that customer can import our products.”


I made an investigation of each tariff item and I presented to the client a study of all the documentation that the importer needed in order to import each tariff item (each product). What were the documents that the same importer had to obtain himself and what documentation should be submitted or to be send from the Spanish manufacturer, as well as the prior authorizations to obtain from the Ministry of Health of the importer’s country prior to the receipt of goods. Also, was annexed to the study, a sample of each document and, for information purposes, the trade barriers for importing such goods.


The first export took place without any documentary problem or difficulty (neither in the following exports). In addition, my client was advised for the payment with Letter of Credit throughout all the operation.


 Case 3


A food product manufacturer in Madrid (Spain) enrolled a Reverse Mission of importers and distributors from Germany. This manufacturer spoke only Spanish.


First of all I made a in-depth study of the product: features, terms and conditions (which I also advised to the Company), I made the presentation of the product in such Reverse Mission in Madrid.


The manufacturer obtained very positive results with a contract with two distributors covering the target country and with an annual turnover which resulted, in the first year, more than 150.000 €


Case 4


A Portuguese company won tenders for several public works in several countries in Africa (Equatorial Guinea, Algeria and Cameroon). This company, since it could not do all the work, wanted to subcontract part of these works to a Spanish construction company. This Spanish company contacted me to ask a simple question but with a very complicated development to be answered: “Should I stay or should I go?” (And that wasn’t a song from The Clash…)


This Project was divided into different parts.

In the first place, it was carried out a revision of the work contracts for each of the tenders.

Secondly, for each of the tenders and for each country, it was carried out an exhaustive study on labour conditions (both for local and expatriate workers), fiscal, economic, customs, cultural and ethnic.

And, thirdly, a study was carried out on the logistics for the transport of all the necessary material for the realization of each one of the works as well as for the repatriation of all the machinery for each country according with the different Customs Regulations for each country.


Due to political reasons I did not recommend to accept the work in Algeria (“Arab spring” time). For the rest, the Spanish contract company is still working without big problems.


Case 5


While I was in Bolivia (South America) I was contacted by a Spanish company. This company had a client in South Korea to which he had sold several heavy machinery. The customer in South Korea wanted to have a fairly large spare parts deposit of this machinery in their facilities, that is, having already made the customs import for these spare parts. And then, the Spanish exporter invoiced them monthly with the pieces used. In addition, the customer from South Korea wanted to return after 1 year, the spare parts that they would not use and increase the parts that they needed.

How should they do the export? How could they create the spare parts deposit and how the non-used parts could be returned to Spain? How could they comply with the Customs Regulations of South Korea and with the Customs Regulations of the European Union at the same time?

And, to my greatest concern, the Spanish company confessed to me that 9 Spanish consulting firms had failed to find a solution to their problem…  


Of course, I already knew perfectly the European Union Customs Regulations, but not the South Korea Customs Regulations.

So the first step was to locate and obtain such Regulations. Once in my power, I studied it word by word and I made a comparative analysis with the European one in each of the points of the problem of my Spanish client.

With what, at the end of the analysis, I was able to present to my client not only a single solution, but a total of 7 solutions to his problems. I presented each solution with its corresponding procedure step by step, as well as the legal basis for each of them. I also presented him with, among all, the option that I saw most available.


Following my advice, my Spanish client consulted his client from South Korea about the various presented options. Both decided to agree with the option I presented.

The last news that I had from my client is that the exports, as well as the monthly invoicing and the annual returns are developed without any type of impediment or customs problem.



Do you feel, somehow, identified with a similar difficulty? Then you already have a good idea of how we can solve your problem.

Don’t you feel absolutely identify at all? CONTACT ME and explain me your problem, I will provide you the best solution.


Now that you know some cases I had been working in, It is time to know “Who I am





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